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Awe-inspiring works of art.

35 years, 100,000 toothpicks.

Good gracious.

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I have posted this before, but still a huge HUGE fan of this song and video. Very beautiful.

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Dope as hell. Get your 3D goggles out.

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La NiƱa

Hot damn Matchstick, don’t stop killin’ it!

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Danny Clinch

I had the honor of meeting Danny at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Not to brag, but his 13 year-old son now follows me on twitter… though honestly one of the coolest 13 year-olds I have ever met. Kid’s a pimp.

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The Woodwork of Cha Jong-Rye

More here… [via pxlwhr]

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Year Zero

Opening Credits…. hot damn.

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